Dietary carotenoid availability affects avian color discrimination
Size matters
Noise affects nest-box choice of 2 competing songbird species, but not their reproduction
Costly reproductive competition between co-resident females in humans
Variation in female mate preference in response to eavesdropping “interloper” males
Adult helpers increase the recruitment of closely related offspring in the cooperatively breeding rifleman
Rival group scent induces changes in dwarf mongoose immediate behavior and subsequent movement
Thermal effects on survival and reproductive performance vary according to personality type
Common cuckoo females are not choosy when removing an egg during parasitism
The benefits of being toxic to deter predators depends on prey body size
Great tits trade off future competitive advantage for current reproduction
Corticosterone triggers high-pitched nestlings’ begging calls and affects parental behavior in the wild zebra finch
Between- and within-individual variation in activity increases with water temperature in wild perch
Beak color dynamically signals changes in fasting status and parasite loads in king penguins
Kin discrimination increases with odor distance in the German cockroach
Individual learning performance and exploratory activity are linked to colony foraging success in a mass-recruiting ant
Kleptoparasitism as an alternative foraging tactic for nest provisioning in a parental shield bug
Aggression in Columbian ground squirrels
Larval competition risk shapes male–male competition and mating behavior in an anuran
Song adjustments by an open habitat bird to anthropogenic noise, urban structure, and vegetation
Who cares? Effect of coping style and social context on brood care and defense in superb fairy-wrens
Mate-guarding by male mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx) is associated with female MHC genotype
A bee or not a bee
Growing up with feces
Hatching hierarchy but not egg-related effects governs behavioral phenotypes in gull chicks
Behavioral changes in tadpoles after multigenerational exposure to an invasive intraguild predator
Signal reliability and multivariate sexual selection in a lek-breeding amphibian
Incest avoidance, extrapair paternity, and territory quality drive divorce in a year-round territorial bird
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Fear of the human “super predator” far exceeds the fear of large carnivores in a model mesocarnivore
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Male and female helper effects on maternal investment and adult survival in red-winged fairy-wrens
Male breeding experience, not mate familiarity, affects reproductive output in black brant geese
Early reproductive success in Drosophila males is dependent on maturity of the accessory gland
Den site selection, pack composition, and reproductive success in endangered African wild dogs
There’s no place like home
Exploration is dependent on reproductive state, not social state, in a cooperatively breeding bird