Memory of Monkeys (Macaca mulatta) With Lesions in Prefrontal Cortex
Medial Temporal Lesions in Monkeys Impair Memory on a Variety of Tasks Sensitive to Human Amnesia
Hippocampectomy Disrupts the Topography of Conditioned Nictitating Membrane Responses During Reversal Learning
Sparing of Patterned Alternation but Not Partial Reinforcement Effect After Infant and Adult Hippocampal Lesions in the Rat
Proactive Behavioral Effects of Theta-Driving Septal Stimulation on Conditioned Suppression and Punishment in the Rat
Intraseptal Scopolamine Has Differential Effects on Pavlovian Eye Blink and Heart Rate Conditioning
Age-Related Disruption of Trace but Not Delay Classical Conditioning of the Rabbit's Nictitating Membrane Response
Fixation of Spinal Reflex Alterations in Spinal Rats by Sensory Nerve Stimulation
Grooming Reflexes and Brown-Séquard Epilepsy in Cats With Pontile Lesions
Influence of Stress on Morphine-Induced Hyperthermia : Relevance to Drug Conditioning and Tolerance Development
The Painlike Effect of Gallamine and Naloxone Differs From Sickness Induced by Lithium Chloride
Effects of Paced Coital Stimulation on Estrus Duration in Intact Cycling Rats and Ovariectomized and Ovariectomized-Adrenalectomized Hormone-Primed Rats
Ingestive Responses to Homeostatic Challenges in Rats With Ablations of the Anterolateral Neocortex
Amphetamine Tolerance and Body Weight Set Point : A Dose-Response Analysis