Long-Term Potentiation Facilitates Behavioral Responding to Single-Pulse Stimulation of the Perforant Path
Mammillothalamic Tracts and Representational Memory
Spatial Problem Solving in a Dual Runway Task by Normal and Septal Rats
Discrimination Learning Requiring Different Memory Components in Rats
Noradrenaline and Learning
Cortical Cholinergic Impairment and Behavioral Deficits Produced by Kainic Acid Lesions of Rat Magnocellular Basal Forebrain
Environmental Influences on Locomotor Recovery Following Cortical Lesions in Rats
Neonatal Frontal Lesions in Hamsters Impair Species-Typical Behaviors and Reduce Brain Weight and Neocortical Thickness
A Deficit in Ambient Visual Guidance Following Superior Colliculus Lesions in Rats
Shock Controllability and Opioid Substrates of Escape Performance and Nociception
Adrenalectomy Reduces Peripheral Neural Responses to Gustatory Stimuli in the Rat
Evidence of Proceptive Without Receptive Defeminization in Male Ferrets
Role of Noradrenergic Function in the Opiate Antagonist Facilitation of Spatial Memory
Exposure to a Cat Produces Opioid Analgesia in Rats
Administration of Dexamethasone Prior to Training Blocks ACTH-Induced Recovery of an Extinguished Avoidance Response
Early Postnatal Handling Alters Glucocorticoid Receptor Concentrations in Selected Brain Regions
Rats Given Dopamine-Depleting Brain Lesions as Neonates Are Subsensitive to Dopaminergic Antagonists as Adults
Differential Apomorphine Effects
Lesions of the Dorsal Spinal Cord Decrease the Duration of Contact Defensive Immobility (Animal Hypnosis) in the Rabbit