Historical Note
Lesions of the Retrosplenial Cortex Produce Deficits in Reversal Learning of the Rabbit Nictitating Membrane Response : Implications for Potential Interactions Between Hippocampal and Cerebellar Brain Systems
Persistence of Visual Cortex Dendritic Alterations Induced by Postweaning Exposure to a “Superenriched” Environment in Rats
Pharmacological and Anatomical Analysis of Fear Conditioning Using the Fear-Potentiated Startle Paradigm
Imprinting, Learning, and Memory
Implicating Causal Relations Between Cellular Function and Learning Behavior
Stria Terminalis Lesions Attenuate the Effects of Posttraining Naloxone and Beta-Endorphin on Retention
Temporal Neocortical Injuries in Rats Impair Attending but not Complex Visual Processing
Mnemonic Theories of Hippocampal Function
Memory Stages and Brain Asymmetry in Chick Learning
Characterizing Amnesic Patients for Neurobehavioral Study
Classical Conditioning of the Rabbit Eyelid Response With a Mossy-Fiber Stimulation CS : I. Pontine Nuclei and Middle Cerebellar Peduncle Stimulation
Does the Perception of Reward Magnitude of Self-Administered Electrical Brain Stimulation Have a Circadian Rhythm?