Cholinergic Receptor Blockade Produces Impairments in a Sensorimotor Subsystem for Place Navigation in the Rat
The Hippocampus and Conditioning to Contextual Cues
Operant Conditioning of Hippocampal Theta
Correction to Kesslak and Gage )1986(
Hippocampal Lesions in Rats Alter Learning About Intramaze Cues
Cholinergic Neurons, Learning, and Recovery of Function
Differential Susceptibility to Anterograde and Retrograde Amnesia Treatments in Preweanling Rats
Temporal Order Sensitivity of Associative Neural and Behavioral Changes in Hermissenda
Classical Conditioning of the Rabbit Eyelid Response With a Mossy-Fiber Stimulation CS
Flavor, Not Postingestive, Cues Contribute to the Salience of Proteins as Targets in Aversion Conditioning
Morphine Attenuation of Conditioned Autoanalgesia
Localization of Noise, Use of Binaural Cues, and a Description of the Superior Olivary Complex in the Smallest Carnivore, the Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis)
Olfactory Mechanisms in the Control of Maternal Aggression, Appetite, and Fearfulness
Estradiol Benzoate Facilitates Lordosis and Ear Wiggling of 4- to 6-Day-Old Rats
Salt Appetite Is Enhanced by One Prior Episode of Sodium Depletion in the Rat
Development of Interocular Equivalence of Place Learning in the Rat Requires Convergence Sites Established Prior to Training
Strain Differences in Reversal of Conditional Analgesia by Opioid Antagonists
Behavioral Observations of Sensory Substitution in Neonate Macaques (Macaca arctoides)