Olfaction and the “Data” Memory System in Rats
Relation of Olfactory EEG to Behavior
Retention Impairment by Posttraining Epinephrine
Short- and Long-Term Components of Working Memory in the Rat
Extinction of Tolerance to the Analgesic Effect of Morphine
Long-Term Analgesic Reaction in Attacked Mice
Effect of Dopamine-Depleting Brain Lesions in Rat Pups
Effects of Neonatal Dopamine Depletion on Spatial Ability During Ontogeny
Brain Transections Differentially Alter Lordosis and Ear Wiggling of 6-Day-Old Rats
Effects of Concomitant Motor Reactions on the Measurement of Rewarding Efficacy of Brain Stimulation
Preexposure and Extinction Effects of Lithium Chloride Induced Taste-Potentiated Aversions for Spatially Contiguous Auditory Food Cues in Rats
Effects of Knife-Cut Lesions of the Medial Forebrain Bundle in Self-Stimulating Rats
Acute Alcohol Intoxication Disrupts Brightness But Not Olfactory Conditioning in Preweanling Rats
Conditioned Hyperalgesia Depends on the Pain Sensitivity Measure