Double Dissociations of the Effects of Amygdala and Insular Cortex Lesions on Conditioned Taste Aversion, Passive Avoidance, and Neophobia in the Rat Using the Excitotoxin Ibotenic Acid
Behavior of Rat Fetuses Following Chemical or Tactile Stimulation
Rotational Stimulation Disrupts Spatial Learning in Fornix-Lesioned Rats
Sparing of Patterned Alternation But Not Partial Reinforcement Extinction Effect After Prenatal Chronic Exposure to Ethanol in Infant Rats
Effects on the Partial Reinforcement Extinction Effect and on Physical and Reflex Development of Short-Term in Utero Exposure to Ethanol at Different Periods of Gestation
Hippocampal Function Is Required for Feedback Control of an Internal Clock's Criterion
Prenatal and Neonatal Androgen Exposure Interact to Affect Sexual Differentiation in Female Rats
Dissociation of Associative and Nonassociative Concommitants of Classical Fear Conditioning in the Freely Behaving Rat
Electrophysiological Activity in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala : Emotionality and Stress Ulcers in Rats
CL 218–872 Pretreatment and Intervention Block Kainate-Induced Convulsions and Neuropathology
Effects of Superior Colliculus Lesions on Rats' Orienting and Detection of Neglected Visual Cues
Premotor Cortex in the Rat
Food Wrenching and Dodging : A Neuroethological Test of Cortical and Dopaminergic Contributions to Sensorimotor Behavior in the Rat
Parametric Features of Inhibition of Feeding in Aplysia by Associative Learning, Satiation, and Sustained Lip Stimulation
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