Hippocampal System Dysfunction and Odor Discrimination Learning in Rats : Impairment or Facilitation Depending on Representational Demands
Developmental Change in the Access to Olfactory Memories
Hippocampal and Amygdaloid Involvement in Working Memory for Nonspatial Stimuli
Exploratory Behavior and Reaction to Novelty in Rats With Hippocampal Perforant Path Systems Disrupted
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The Estrous Cycle and Estrogen Modulate Stress-Induced Analgesia
Axon-Sparing Lesions of the Preoptic Region and Substantia Innominata Disrupt Maternal Behavior in Rats
Role of the Posterior Parietal Association Cortex in the Processing of Spatial Event Information
Enkephalin Hydrolysis in Plasma Is Highly Correlated With Escape Performance in the Rat
Hyperstriatal Lesions and Classical Conditioning in the Pigeon
Sound Localization and Use of Binaural Cues by the Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)
Dissociable Motor Roles of the Rat's Striatum Conform to a Somatotopic Model
Amphetamine's Effects on Food Consumption and Body Weight : The Role of Adaptive Processes
Nutritive Expectancies Mediate Cholecystokinin's Suppression-of-Intake Effect
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