Spatial Cognitive Maps
Acquisition of Conditional Associations and Operant Delayed Spatial Response Alternation
Sampling Behavior in the Radial Maze and Operant Chamber
Effects of Adrenal Demedullation on the Conditioned Emotional Response and on the Memory Improving Action of Glucose
Learning in Rats With Caudate-Putamen Lesions
Lesions of the Substantia Nigra Retard Pavlovian Eye-Blink but Not Heart Rate Conditioning in the Rabbit
Inhibition of Acoustic Startle in the Rat by a Footshock Prestimulus
Tolerance to Morphine in the Rat
The Role of Mesolimbic Dopamine in Conditioned Locomotion Produced by Amphetamine
Latent Sensitization to Apomorphine Following Repeated Low Doses
Differential Effects of Yohimbine and Naloxone on Copulatory Behaviors of Male Rats
Sodium Depletion Increases Rats' Preferences for Salted Food
Salt Preference in Rats With Hereditary Hypothalamic Diabetes Insipidus (Brattleboro Strain)
Effect of Lysine-8-Vasopressin on Retention and Retrieval of a Discrimination Reward Task in the Rat
Bilateral Cerebellar Lesions Disrupt Conditioned Eyelid Responses in Unrestrained Rats
Memory Enhancement With Posttraining Intraventricular Glucose Injections in Rats
Effects of GABA Compounds Injected Into the Subpallidal Regions of Rat Brain on Nucleus Accumbens Evoked Hyperactivity
Parallel Modifications of Spatial Memory Performances, Exploration Patterns, and Hippocampal Theta Rhythms in Fornix-Damaged Rats