Laterality for Visual-Spatial Processing in Two Language-Trained Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
Specificity of the Cardiac Response to Conspecific Vocalizations in Chimpanzees
Methysergide-Induced Nipple Attachment Depends on Suckling Experience in Juvenile Rats
Reversal Learning in Pigeons
Performance of a Weight-Lifting Task by Normal and Deafferented Monkeys
Temporal Patterns of the Rabbit's Nictitating Membrane Response to Compound and Component Stimuli Under Mixed CS-US Intervals
Heart Rate Conditioning With Pentobarbital as a Conditioned Stimulus and Amphetamine as an Unconditioned Stimulus
Hippocampus and Memory for Food Caches in Black-Capped Chickadees
Effects of Intrahippocampal Administration of Colchicine on Incentive Contrast and on Radial Maze Performance
Differential Conditioning to a Compound Stimulus and its Components in the Terrestrial Mollusc Limax maximus
Developmental Analysis in Aplysia Reveals Inhibitory as Well as Facilitatory Effects of Tail Shock
Prefrontal Cortex Lesions Differentially Disrupt Cocaine-Reinforced Conditioned Place Preference but Not Conditioned Taste Aversion
Chronic Voluntary Nicotine Drinking Enhances Nicotine Palatability in Rats
Environmental Signals for Ethanol Enhance Free-Choice Ethanol Consumption
Drug Discrimination Training During Chronic Drug Treatment Affects the Development of Tolerance
Factors Influencing Cortisol and Behavioral Responses to Maternal Separation in Guinea Pigs
Neural Systems for Early Independent Ingestion
Food Intake and Lateral Hypothalamic Self-Stimulation Covary After Medial Hypothalamic Lesions or Ventral Midbrain 6-Hydroxydopamine Injections That Cause Obesity
Conditioned Opioid Release in Ten-Day-Old Rats
Influence of Opioid Peptides on Learning and Memory Processes in the Chick
Long-Lasting Effects of IMHV Lesions on Social Preferences in Domestic Fowl
The Cerebellum Contributes to Mental Skills
Pro-Leu-Gly-NH2 Serves as a Conditioned Stimulus in the Acquisition of Conditioned Tolerance