Patterned (Single) Alternation in Infant Rats After Combined or Separate Lesions of Hippocampus and Amygdala
Opioidlike Effects of Intraoral Infusions of Corn Oil and Polycose on Stress Reactions in 10-Day-Old Rats
Selective Sparing After Lesions of Visual Cortex in Newborn Kittens
Visual Discrimination by Cats Given Lesions of Visual Cortex in One or Two Stages in Infancy or in One Stage in Adulthood
Preventing and Alleviating Hypothermia-Induced Amnesia in Weanling and Young Adult Rats
Further Studies of Hippocampal Representation During Odor Discrimination Learning
2-[3 H]Deoxyglucose Uptake Patterns in Rats Exploring a Six-Arm Radial Tunnel Maze
Exploratory Behavior and Reaction to Novelty in Rats
Organizational Changes in Cholinergic Activity and Enhanced Visuospatial Memory as a Function of Choline Administered Prenatally or Postnatally or Both
Allocentric Spatial and Tactile Memory Impairments in Rats With Dorsal Caudate Lesions Are Affected by Preoperative Behavioral Training
Inheritance of Spatial Learning Ability in Inbred Mice
Ethanol and Spatial Localization
Role of ACTH in Recovery From Retrograde Amnesia Induced by Hypothermia in Rats
Response Characteristics of Neurons in the Medial Component of the Medial Geniculate Nucleus During Pavlovian Differential Fear Conditioning in Rabbits
Gonadal Hormones Influence the Emergence of Cortical Function in Nonhuman Primates
Poststress Effects of Danger and Safety Signals on Gastric Ulceration in Rats
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme in Subfornical Organ Mediates Captopril-induced Drinking
Conditioning and Experiential Factors Affecting the Development of Sensitization to Apomorphine
Taste Reactivity to Alcohol in Rats
Lesions of the Nucleus Accumbens in Rats Reduce Opiate Reward but Do Not Alter Context-Specific Opiate Tolerance
Ability of Periaqueductal Gray Subdivisions and Adjacent Loci to Elicit Analgesia and Ability of Naloxone to Reverse Analgesia
Assessment of the Neural Substrate for Intracranial Self-Stimulation by the Postreinforcement Pause Technique
Random-Walk Chemotaxis
Ingestion of Environmentally Contaminated Lake Ontario Salmon by Laboratory Rats Increases Avoidance of Unpredictable Aversive Nonreward and Mild Electric Shock
Frontal Cortex Lesions Block the Opioid and Nonopioid Hypoalgesia Elicited by Brief Shocks but Not the Nonopioid Hypoalgesia Elicited by Long Shocks