Hippocampectomy Disrupts Trace Eye-Blink Conditioning in Rabbits
Hippocampal Cells Have Behavioral Correlates During the Performance of an Auditory Working Memory Task in the Rat
Picrotoxin Enhances Latent Extinction of Conditioned Fear
Enhancement and Impairment of Memory Retrieval by a Vasopressin Metabolite : An Interaction With the Accessibility of the Memory
A Vasopressin Metabolite Increases Attentional Selectivity
Lexical Priming Deficits as a Function of Age
Learning of Physiological Responses : I. Habituation, Sensitization, and Classical Conditioning
Influence of Lesion Size and Location on Amphetamine-Facilitated Recovery of Beam-Walking in Rats
Role of Supraspinal Systems in Environmentally Induced Antinociception : Effect of Spinalization and Decerebration on Brief Shock–Induced and Long Shock–Induced Antinociception
Diazepam Modulation of Stress-Induced Analgesia Depends on the Type of Analgesia
Female-Enhanced Aggression in Male Rats : Effects of Genital Anesthesia, Castration, or Preoptic Lesions
Alterations of Salt Taste Perception in the Developing Rat
Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in the Subfornical Organ Reduces Drinking Induced by Angiotensin or in Response to Water Deprivation
Effects of Chronic Intrahypothalamic Infusion of Insulin on Food Intake and Diurnal Meal Patterning in the Rat
Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Antagonist Attenuates Defensive-Withdrawal Behavior Elicited by Odors of Stressed Conspecifics
The Cholinergic Agent Physostigmine Enhances Short-Term-Memory-Based Performance in the Developing Rat