Cognition and the Corpus Callosum
Object Recognition Versus Object Discrimination
Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) With Rhinal Cortex Ablations Succeed in Object Discrimination Learning Despite 24-Hr Intertrial Intervals and Fail at Matching to Sample Despite Double Sample Presentations
Effects of Transplantation of Fetal Hippocampal or Hindbrain Tissue Into the Brains of Adult Rats With Hippocampal Lesions on Water Maze Acquisition
Blood Ethanol Concentration From Early Postnatal Exposure
Selective Corticosteroid Antagonists Modulate Specific Aspects of Spatial Orientation Learning
N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Lesions of the Lateral and Basolateral Nuclei of the Amygdala Block Fear-Potentiated Startle and Shock Sensitization of Startle
Associative Retuning in the Thalamic Source of Input to the Amygdala and Auditory Cortex
Pairings of a Drug or Place Conditioned Stimulus With Lithium Chloride Produce Conditioned Sickness, Not Antisickness
Peripheral and Central Components of Alerting
Immediate-Startle Stimulus Presentation Fails to Condition Freezing Responses to Contextual Cues
Saccharin's Rewarding, Conditioned Reinforcing, and Memory-Improving Properties
Taste Avoidance, but Not Aversion, Learning in Rats Lacking Gustatory Cortex
Parabrachial Gustatory Lesions Impair Taste Aversion Learning in Rats
Forebrain Sites of Estradiol-17β Action on Sexual Behavior and Aggression in Female Syrian Hamsters
Sex and Sodium Intake in the Rat
Sexual Behavior Increases Dopamine Transmission in the Nucleus Accumbens and Striatum of Male Rats
Nonphotic Entrainment of Circadian Activity Rhythms in Suprachiasmatic Nuclei–Ablated Hamsters
Use of an Ultrasonic Echolocation Prosthesis by Early Visually Deprived Cats
Analysis of the Microstructure of the Rhythmic Tongue Movements of Rats Ingesting Maltose and Sucrose Solutions
Hippocampal Lesions Impair Navigational Learning in Experienced Homing Pigeons