A Triple Dissociation of Memory Systems : Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Dorsal Striatum
Selective Hippocampal Lesions Abolish the Contextual Specificity of Latent Inhibition and Conditioning
A Simple Network Model Simulates Hippocampal Place Fields : Parametric Analyses and Physiological Predictions
Impaired Object Recognition Memory in Rats Following Ischemia-Induced Damage to the Hippocampus
Delay Classical Conditioning in Young and Older Rabbit : Initial Acquisition and Retention at 12 and 18 Months
Learning and Memory of Odor–Reward Association : Selective Impairment Following Horizontal Diagonal Band Lesions
Receptive Field Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex During Frequency Discrimination Training : Selective Retuning Independent of Task Difficulty
Prepulse Inhibition of Acoustic Startle in Rats After Lesions of the Pedunculopontine Tegmental Nucleus
Taste Reactivity Responses Elicited by Cocaine-, Phencyclidine-, and Methamphetamine-Paired Sucrose Solutions
Perceptual Consequences of Electrical Stimulation in the Gustatory System
Dissociation of Interference With the Speed and Accuracy of Escape Produced by Inescapable Shock
The Parabrachial Nucleus : A Brain Stem Substrate Critical for Mediating the Aversive Motivational Effects of Morphine
Synergistic Interaction of D1 and D2 Dopamine Receptors in the Modulation of the Reinforcing Effect of Brain Stimulation
Peripeduncular Nucleus Lesions in the Rat : I. Effects on Maternal Aggression, Lactation, and Maternal Behavior During Pre- and Postpartum Periods
Lateralization of a Sexually Dimorphic Brain Area Associated With Steroid-Sensitive Behavior in the Male Gerbil
A Neuroanatomical Correlate of Paternal and Maternal Behavior in the Biparental California Mouse (Peromyscus californicus)
Age-Related Deficits in Brain Estrogen Receptors and Sexual Behavior of Male Rats
Manual and Hemispheric Specialization in the Manipulation of a Joystick by Baboons (Papio papio)
Antisickness Conditioning Using a Nausea-Producing Nondrug Cue