The Cerebellum and Cognitive Functions in Humans
Critical Determinants of Nonspatial Working Memory Deficits in Rats With Conventional Lesions of the Hippocampus or Fornix
A Simple Network Model Simulates Hippocampal Place Fields : II. Computing Goal-Directed Trajectories and Memory Fields
Somatosensory and Auditory Convergence in the Lateral Nucleus of the Amygdala
Involvement of the Olfactory Bulb in Consolidation Processes Associated With Long-Term Memory in Rats
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Drug-Induced Hypothermia and Conditioned Place Aversion
Hormonal Regulation of Adult Partner Preference Behavior in Neonatally ATD-Treated Male Rats
Endogenous Cholecystokinin Reduces Vocalization in Isolated 10-Day-Old Rats
Activation of the Opioid and Nonopioid Hypoalgesic Systems at the Level of the Brainstem and Spinal Cord : Does a Coulometric Relation Predict the Emergence or Form of Environmentally Induced Hypoalgesia?
Mapping the Substrate for Brain Stimulation Reward by Means of Current–Number Trade-Off Functions
Stress-Associated Modulation of Proto-Oncogene Expression in Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes
Interpositus Lesion Abolition of the Eyeblink Conditioned Response Is Not Due to Effects on Performance