Hippocampal Cell Firing Correlates of Delayed-Match-to-Sample Performance in the Rat
Critical Role of the Parahippocampal Region for Paired-Associate Learning in Rats
Classical Conditioning After Cerebellar Lesions in Humans
Single-Unit Activity in the Lateral Nucleus of the Amygdala and Overlying Areas of the Striatum in Freely Behaving Rats : Rates, Discharge Patterns, and Responses to Acoustic Stimuli
Dissociating the Anti-Fear Effects of Septal and Amygdaloid Lesions Using Two Pharmacologically Validated Models of Rat Anxiety
Propensity to Form Conditioned Taste Aversions Augments Anorexia in Obese (Ob/Ob) Mice With B16 Melanoma
Possible Anatomical Basis of Recovery of Function After Neonatal Frontal Lesions in Rats
Sexual Reinforcement Is Blocked by Infusion of Naloxone Into the Medial Preoptic Area
Effects of a Muscarinic Antagonist on Various Components of Female Sexual Behavior in the Rat
Neurons in the Lateral Subdivision of the Habenular Complex Mediate the Hormonal Onset of Maternal Behavior in Rats
Functional Lateralization for Auditory Temporal Processing in Male and Female Rats
Ultrasonic Vocalizations Are Elicited From Rat Pups in the Home Cage by Pentylenetetrazol and U50,488, but Not Naltrexone
Corticosteroid Induction of Threat-Induced Behavioral Inhibition in Preweanling Rats
Cocaine Alters Behavior in the Rat Fetus
Daily Caloric Intake in Intact and Chronic Decerebrate Rats
Lidocaine Infusion in a Critical Region of Cerebellum Completely Prevents Learning of the Conditioned Eyeblink Response
Contextual Conditioning and Auditory Cue Conditioning Dissociate During Development