Ontogeny of Contextual Fear Conditioning in Rats
Differential Effects of the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Antagonist DL-2-Amino-5-Phosphonovalerate on Acquisition of Fear of Auditory and Contextual Cues
Pre- and Posttraining Infusion of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antagonists Into the Amygdala Impair Memory in an Inhibitory Avoidance Task
Stress and Adenosine
Stress and Adenosine
Nitric Oxide Formation Does Not Underlie the Memory Deficits Produced by Ibotenate Injections Into the Nucleus Basalis of Rats
Transfer of Learning but Not Memory After Unilateral Cerebellar Lesion in Rabbits
Involvement of Subdivisions of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Learned Cardiac Adjustments in Rabbits
Absence of Snapshot Memory of the Target View Interferes With Place Navigation Learning by Rats in the Water Maze
Scopolamine Injection Into the Olfactory Bulb Impairs Short-Term Olfactory Memory in Rats
Testosterone Influences Spatial Cognition in Older Men
Postnatal High-Peak Blood Ethanol Concentration and External Cue-Based Discrimination Learning and Reversal in the Preweanling Rat
Associative Learning Modifies the Shortening Reflex in the Semi-Intact Leech Hirudo medicinalis
Neurological Dissociation of Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Contributions to Meal Size Control
A Behavioral Probe of the Growth of Intake Potential During the Inter-Meal Interval in the Rat
Projection of the Sexually Dimorphic Area of the Gerbil Hypothalamus to the Retrorubral Field Is Essential for Male Sexual Behavior
Expression of Fos-Like Immunoreactivity in the Preoptic Area of Maternally Behaving Virgin and Postpartum Rats
Behavioral Effects of Centrally Administered Arginine Vasopressin in the Rat Fetus
Overexpression of Transforming Growth Factor α in Transgenic Mice Alters Nonreproductive, Sex-Related Behavioral Differences
Behavioral Effects of Kappa-Opioid-Receptor Stimulation on Neonatal Rats
Testosterone Has Rewarding Affective Properties in Male Rats