Inactivation of Brainstem Motor Nuclei Blocks Expression but Not Acquisition of the Rabbit's Classically Conditioned Eyeblink Response
Correction to Dworkin and Dworkin (1995)
Amygdala Central Nucleus Lesions Attenuate Acoustic Startle Stimulus-Evoked Heart Rate Changes in Rats
Postconditioning Isolation Disrupts Contextual Conditioning : An Experimental Analysis
Behavioral Vigilance Following Infusions of 192 IgG-Saporin Into the Basal Forebrain : Selectivity of the Behavioral Impairment and Relation to Cortical AChE-Positive Fiber Density
Ischemia-Induced Object-Recognition Deficits in Rats Are Attenuated by Hippocampal Ablation Before or Soon After Ischemia
Contralateral Turning Caused by Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Stimulation in the Dorsal Striatum Is Reversed by MCPG, TTX, and cis-Flupenthixol
Intraocular Transfer and Simultaneous Processing of Stimuli Presented in Different Visual Fields of the Pigeon
The NMDA Antagonist MK-801 Affects Nonspatial Learning in Preweanling Rats
Thermogenesis, Myoclonic Twitching, and Ultrasonic Vocalization in Neonatal Rats During Moderate and Extreme Cold Exposure
Cocaine Transiently Impairs Maternal Behavior in the Rat
The Isolation and Companion Comfort Responses of 7-and 3-Day-Old Rat Pups Are Modulated by Drugs Active at the Opioid Receptor
Dissociations Between Appetitive and Consummatory Responses by Pharmacological Manipulations of Reward-Relevant Brain Regions
Shuttle-Box Memory Facilitation by Posttraining Intracranial Self-Stimulation : Differential Effects in Rats With High and Low Basic Conditioning Levels
The Physiology of Social Conflict in Rats : What Is Particularly Stressful?
Stress Controllability Influences the Ataxic Properties of Both Ethanol and Midazolam in the Rat
The Differential Contribution of Spinopetal Projections to Increases in Vocalization and Motor Reflex Thresholds Generated by the Microinjection of Morphine Into the Periaqueductal Gray
Clonidine Antagonizes the Aversive Effects of Opiate Withdrawal and the Rewarding Effects of Morphine Only in Opiate Withdrawn Rats
Brief, High-Frequency Stimulation of the Corticomedial Amygdala Induces a Delayed and Prolonged Increase of Aggressiveness in Male Syrian Golden Hamsters
Effects of Perinatal Testosterone on Handedness of Gerbils : Support for Part of the Geschwind–Galaburda Hypothesis