Dissociable Properties of Memory Systems
Primate Analogue of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
Learning and Memory for Hierarchical Relationships in the Monkey
Spatial Orienting of Attention in Adult and Aged Rhesus Monkeys
Induction of Receptive Field Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex of the Guinea Pig During Instrumental Avoidance Conditioning
Classical Conditioning With Electrical Stimulation of Cerebellum as Both Conditioned and Unconditioned Stimulus
The Effects of Dorsal Versus Ventral Hippocampal, Total Hippocampal, and Parietal Cortex Lesions on Memory for Allocentric Distance in Rats
Contextual Control of Conditioned Responding in Rats With Dorsal Hippocampal Lesions
Hippocampus and Memory in a Food-Storing and in a Nonstoring Bird Species
Spatial Learning and Memory Deficits After Telencephalic Ablation in Goldfish Trained in Place and Turn Maze Procedures
Effects of Excitotoxic Lesions of the Central Amygdaloid Nucleus on the Potentiation of Reward-Related Stimuli by Intra-Accumbens Amphetamine
Partial Disruption of Fear Conditioning in Rats With Unilateral Amygdala Damage
Anticholinergic Effects on Acquisition of Place Learning in the Morris Water Task
Redistribution of Spatial Representation in the Hippocampus of Aged Rats Performing a Spatial Memory Task
Partial Hippocampal Kindling Affects Retention but Not Acquisition and Place but Not Cue Tasks on the Radial Arm Maze
Galanin Receptor Antagonist M40 Blocks Galanin-Induced Choice Accuracy Deficits on a Delayed-Nonmatching-to-Position Task
Inhibitory Avoidance Impairments Induced by Intra-Amygdala Propranolol Are Reversed by Glutamate but Not Glucose
Early Acquisition, but Not Retention, of the Classically Conditioned Eyeblink Response Is N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Dependent
The Hippocampus and Reward
Remembrance of Odors Past
Basolateral Amygdala Lesions Block Glucocorticoid-Induced Modulation of Memory for Spatial Learning
Variations in Learning Reflect Individual Differences in Sensory Function and Synaptic Integration
The Consequences of Gustatory Nerve Transection on Taste-Guided Licking of Sucrose and Maltose in the Rat
Bombesin and Cholecystokinin Differentially Affect Ingestive Microstructural Variables Whether Given Alone or in Combination
Inhibition of Polyamine Biosynthesis Alters Oviposition Behavior in Female Crickets
Sexually Dimorphic Aspects of Spontaneous Activity in Meadow Voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus)
Habituation and Dishabituation of the Proleg Withdrawal Reflex in Larvae of the Sphinx Hawk, Manduca sexta
Endogenous AVP Systems Regulate Oral Behavior in the Rat Fetus
Maternal Interactions Prior to Separation Potentiate Isolation-Induced Calling in Rat Pups
D2 Dopamine Receptor Involvement in the Rough-and-Tumble Play Behavior of Juvenile Rats
Hippocampal Lesions Impair Contextual Fear Conditioning in Two Strains of Mice
Differential Effects of Selective Immunotoxic Lesions of Medial Septal Cholinergic Cells on Spatial Working and Reference Memory
Increased Histidine Preference During Specific Alteration of Rhythm of Environmental Temperature Stress in Rats