Stimulus Configuration, Occasion Setting, and the Hippocampus
Spatial and Nonspatial Learning Across the Rat Estrous Cycle
Spatial Learning and Memory at Defined Points of the Estrous Cycle
Effects of Ethanol on Nonspatial Working Memory and Attention in Rats
Hippocampal Glycogen Metabolism, EEG, and Behavior
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Involved in Contextual and Auditory-Cued Fear Conditioning in BXD Recombinant Inbred Strains
Long-Term Memory Modulation by Posttraining Epinephrine in Rats
Potentiation of Phototactic Suppression in Hermissenda by Compound Conditioning Results in Potentiated Excitability Changes in Type B and A Photoreceptors
Potentiation of Phototactic Suppression in Hermissenda by a Chemosensory Stimulus During Compound Conditioning
Effects of Tap Withdrawal Response Habituation on Other Withdrawal Behaviors
Mutations That Prevent Associative Learning in C. elegans
Self-Infusion of GABAA Antagonists Directly Into the Ventral Tegmental Area and Adjacent Regions
Aromatase Inhibition Blocks the Activation and Sexual Differentiation of Appetitive Male Sexual Behavior in Japanese Quail
Effect of α-Helical-CRF[9-41] on Feeding in Goldfish
Effects of Sex and MK-801 on Auditory-Processing Deficits Associated With Developmental Microgyric Lesions in Rats
Sensitization of Ingestive Responding in Preweanling Rats
D1 Dopamine Receptor Mediation of Social and Nonsocial Emotional Reactivity in Mice
Blockade of CCKB but Not CCKA Receptors Before and After the Stress of Predator Exposure Prevents Lasting Increases in Anxiety-Like Behavior
Chorda Tympani Transection and Selective Desalivation Differentially Disrupt Two-Lever Salt Discrimination Performance in Rats