Spatio-Temporal Properties of the Pattern of Evoked Phantom Sensations in a Left Index Amputee Patient
Impaired Trace Eyeblink Conditioning in Bilateral, Medial-Temporal Lobe Amnesia
The α-2A Noradrenergic Receptor Agonist Guanfacine Improves Visual Object Discrimination Reversal Performance in Aged Rhesus Monkeys
Effect of Pairing Red Nucleus and Motor Thalamic Lesions on Reaching Toward Moving Targets in Cats
Dissociable Effects of Cingulate and Medial Frontal Cortex Lesions on Stimulus–Reward Learning Using a Novel Pavlovian Autoshaping Procedure for the Rat : Implications for the Neurobiology of Emotion
Triple Dissociation of Anterior Cingulate, Posterior Cingulate, and Medial Frontal Cortices on Visual Discrimination Tasks Using a Touchscreen Testing Procedure for the Rat
Spatial Memory Impairment in Rats With Fornix Transection Is Not Accompanied by a Simple Encoding Deficit for Directions of Objects in Visual Space
Memory of Radial Maze Behavior in Pigeons After Ablations of the Presumed Equivalent of Mammalian Prefrontal Cortex
Impaired Place Learning and Unimpaired Cue Learning in Hippocampal-Lesioned Pigeons
Ibotenic Lesions of the Nucleus Accumbens Promote Reactivity to Spatial Novelty in Nonreactive DBA Mice : Implications for Neural Mechanisms Subserving Spatial Information Encoding
Object-Recognition and Spatial Learning and Memory in Rats Prenatally Exposed to Ethanol
Microinjection of Morphine Into the Nucleus Accumbens Impairs Contextual Learning in Rats
Encoding and Selective Activation of “Metabolic Memories” in the Rat
Metrifonate Improves Associative Learning and Retention in Aging Rabbits
Elicitation, Modification, and Conditioning of the Rabbit Nictitating Membrane Response by Electrical Stimulation in the Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus, Inferior Olive, Interpositus Nucleus, and Red Nucleus
Amygdala–Prefrontal Interactions and Conditioned Bradycardia in the Rabbit
Lesions of the Mediodorsal Nucleus of the Thalamus and Classical Eyeblink Conditioning Under Less-Than-Optimal Stimulus Conditions : Role of Partial Reinforcement and Interstimulus Interval
Stimulus Contingencies That Permit Classical Conditioning of Opioid Activity in the Rat Fetus
Protein Synthesis- and Fucosylation-Dependent Mechanisms in Corticosterone Facilitation of Long-Term Memory in the Chick
Inescapable Shock-Induced Potentiation of Morphine Analgesia
Paradoxical Effects of Kappa-Opioid Stimulation on the Locomotor Activity and Fos Immunoreactivity of the Preweanling Rat : Role of Dopamine Receptors
Pineal Transplantation to the Brain of Pinealectomized Lizards : Effects on Circadian Rhythms of Locomotor Activity
Assessment of Sensorimotor Neglect After Occlusion of the Middle Cerebral Artery in the Rat
Rhinal Cortex Lesions Impair Simultaneous Olfactory Discrimination Learning in Rats