Monkeys With Rhinal Cortex Damage or Neurotoxic Hippocampal Lesions Are Impaired on Spatial Scene Learning and Object Reversals
Sex-Sensitive Tasks in Men and Women
Neonatal Monoaminergic Depletion in Mice (Mus musculus) Improves Performance of a Novel Odor Discrimination Task
Stress Enhances Excitatory Trace Eyeblink Conditioning and Opposes Acquisition of Inhibitory Conditioning
Effects of Lesions of Thalamic Intralaminar and Midline Nuclei and Internal Medullary Lamina on Spatial Memory and Object Discrimination
Place Memory Is Intact in Rats With Perirhinal Cortex Lesions
Instrumental Learning Within the Spinal Cord
Postnatal Choline Supplementation in Preweanling Mice
Classical Conditioning to Hypoxia Using Odors as Conditioned Stimuli in Rats
Amygdala Kindling-Resistant (SLOW) or -Prone (FAST) Rat Strains Show Differential Fear Responses
Norepinephrine Release in the Amygdala After Systemic Injection of Epinephrine or Escapable Footshock
Bimodal Modulation by Nicotine of Anxiety in the Social Interaction Test
Serotonin Plays a Permissive Role in Conditioned Olfactory Learning Induced by Norepinephrine in the Neonate Rat
Olfactory Function in the Human Fetus
Effects of Isolation Rearing on Startle Reactivity, Habituation, and Prepulse Inhibition in Male Lewis, Sprague-Dawley, And Fischer F344 Rats
Intact Neurons of the Lateral Habenular Nucleus Are Necessary for the Nonhormonal, Pup-Mediated Display of Maternal Behavior in Sensitized Virgin Female Rats
Repeated Isolation Stress in the Neonatal Rat
Quinpirole Induces Compulsive Checking Behavior in Rats
Flank-Marking Behavior and the Neural Distribution of Vasopressin Innervation in Golden Hamsters With Suprachiasmatic Lesions
Functions of the Caudal Periaqueductal Gray in Lactating Rats
Sustained Attention Performance in Rats With Intracortical Infusions of 192 IgG-Saporin–Induced Cortical Cholinergic Deafferentation
Contingent Tolerance, Compensatory Responses, and Physical Dependence in Diazepam-Treated Amygdala-Kindled Rats