Place Navigation in Rats Guided by a Vestibular and Kinesthetic Orienting Gradient
Long-Term Effects of Neonatal Damage to the Hippocampal Formation and Amygdaloid Complex on Object Discrimination and Object Recognition in Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
Muscimol in the Deep Layers of the Superior Colliculus/Mesencephalic Reticular Formation Blocks Expression but Not Acquisition of Fear-Potentiated Startle in Rats
A Peculiar Pattern of Temporal Involvement of Rat Perirhinal Cortex in Memory Processing
Double Dissociation of Function Within the Hippocampus : A Comparison of Dorsal, Ventral, and Complete Hippocampal Cytotoxic Lesions
Dissociating Context and Space Within the Hippocampus : Effects of Complete, Dorsal, and Ventral Excitotoxic Hippocampal Lesions on Conditioned Freezing and Spatial Learning
Neonatal 192 IgG-Saporin Lesions of Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neurons Selectively Impair Response to Spatial Novelty in Adult Rats
Effects of Ovariectomy, 192 IgG-Saporin-Induced Cortical Cholinergic Deafferentation, and Administration of Estradiol on Sustained Attention Performance in Rats
Lesions of the Amygdala Central Nucleus Abolish Lipoprivic-Enhanced Responding During Oil-Predicting Conditioned Stimuli
Gustatory Thalamus Lesions Eliminate Successive Negative Contrast in Rats
The Role of Cognitive and Affective Processing in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Cortical–Limbic Neuropotentiated Compulsive Behavior
Monocular Deprivation Alters the Direction of Functional and Morphological Asymmetries in the Pigeon's (Columba livia) Visual System
Light Exposure of Chick Embryo Influences Lateralized Recall of Imprinting Memory
Cardiovascular Concomitants of Ultrasound Production During Cold Exposure in Infant Rats
Long-Lasting Consequences of a Social Conflict in Rats : Behavior During the Interaction Predicts Subsequent Changes in Daily Rhythms of Heart Rate, Temperature, and Activity
Genetic Influences on Latent Inhibition
Conditioned Stimulus Control in the Rat Circadian System Depends on Clock Resetting During Conditioning