The Effects of Neurotoxic Hippocampal Lesions on Two Effects of Context After Fear Extinction
Correction to McNish et al. (2000)
Arousal-Related Associative Response Characteristics of Dorsal Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Neurons During Acoustic Pavlovian Fear Conditioning
Learning- and Cerebellum-Dependent Neuronal Activity in the Lateral Pontine Nucleus
Peripheral and Intraamygdalar Administration of the Dopamine D1 Receptor Antagonist SCH 23390 Blocks Fear-Potentiated Startle but Not Shock Reactivity or the Shock Sensitization of Acoustic Startle
The Place Preference Task : A New Tool for Studying the Relation Between Behavior and Place Cell Activity in Rats
Pedunculopontine Tegmental Nucleus Lesions Impair Stimulus–Reward Learning in Autoshaping and Conditioned Reinforcement Paradigms
Effects of US Devaluation on Win–Stay and Win–Shift Radial Maze Performance in Rats
Glucose Attenuation of Memory Impairments
Anticipation of Rewarding Electrical Brain Stimulation Evokes Ultrasonic Vocalization in Rats
Spontaneous Motor Activity in Fetal and Infant Rats Is Organized Into Discrete Multilimb Bouts
Using c-Fos Immunocytochemistry to Identify Forebrain Regions That May Inhibit Maternal Behavior in Rats
The Suppressive Effects of Sucrose and Cocaine, but Not Lithium Chloride, Are Greater in Lewis Than in Fischer Rats : Evidence for the Reward Comparison Hypothesis
Strain Differences in the Isolation-Induced Effects on Prepulse Inhibition of the Acoustic Startle Response and on Locomotor Activity
Prepulse Startle Deficit in the Brown Norway Rat : A Potential Genetic Model
Different Inhibition of Conditioned Avoidance Response by Clozapine and DA D1 and D2 Antagonists in Male Mice
Sensitivity to Ethanol-Induced Motor Incoordination in 5-HT1B Receptor Null Mutant Mice Is Task-Dependent : Implications for Behavioral Assessment of Genetically Altered Mice
Functional Recovery of Respiratory Behavior During Axonal Regeneration in Snails (Lymnaea stagnalis) Is Experience Dependent
Naloxone-Induced Opiate Withdrawal Produces Long-Lasting and Context-Independent Changes in Aggressive and Social Behaviors of Postdependent Male Mice
Behavioral Recovery After Transplantation Into a Rat Model of Huntington's Disease : Dependence on Anatomical Connectivity and Extensive Postoperative Training
Behavioral Taste Responses of Developmentally NaCl-Restricted Rats to Various Concentrations of NaCl
Rats Alternate on a Dry-Land but Not Swimming-Pool (Morris Task) Place Task : Implications for Spatial Processing