Haloperidol Reinstates Latent Inhibition Impaired by Hippocampal Lesions
Fear Conditioning and Brain Activity
Associative Fear Conditioning of Enkephalin mRNA Levels in Central Amygdalar Neurons
Dissociation of Place and Cue Learning by Telencephalic Ablation in Goldfish
Spatial Working Memory Is Independent of Hippocampal CA1 Long-Term Potentiation in Rats
Correction to Frohardt et al. (2000)
Glutamatergic Influences on the Nucleus Paragigantocellularis
Modification of a Weak Learning Experience by Memory Retrieval in the Day-Old Chick
Potentiation of Conditioned Freezing Following Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex Lesions Does Not Interfere With Fear Reduction in Mice
Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Impairs Selective Attention
A Comparative MRI Study of the Relationship Between Neuroanatomical Asymmetry and Interhemispheric Connectivity in Primates
Posttraining Lesions of the Amygdala Interfere With Fear-Potentiated Startle to Both Visual and Auditory Conditioned Stimuli in C57BL/6J Mice
Forebrain Lesions Differentially Affect Drinking Elicited by Dipsogenic Challenges and Injections of Muscimol Into the Median Raphe Nucleus
Dopamine Release in the Medial Preoptic Area of Female Rats in Response to Hormonal Manipulation and Sexual Activity
Milk Delivery Schedules and Stomach Preloading Alter Patterns of Suckling Behavior by Newborn Rats on a Surrogate Nipple
Endogenous Opioid Facilitation of Maternal Memory in Rats
Ultrasonic Vocalizations by Rat Pups After Adrenergic Manipulations of Brown Fat Metabolism
Does Intranasal Application of Zinc Sulfate Produce Anosmia in the Rat?
Effects of d-Amphetamine and Ethanol on a Measure of Behavioral Inhibition in Humans
Effects of d-Amphetamine and Alcohol on a Measure of Behavioral Inhibition in Rats
Effect of Excitatory Amino Acid, Dopamine, and Oxytocin Receptor Antagonists on Noncontact Penile Erections and Paraventricular Nitric Oxide Production in Male Rats