Haloperidol Reinstates Latent Inhibition Impaired by Hippocampal Lesions: Data and Theory

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The effect of haloperidol administration on the impairment of latent inhibition produced by aspirative lesions of the hippocampus was examined in the rat eyeblink response preparation. During the preexposure phase, rats with hippocampal or control lesions were either exposed to a tone or allowed to sit in the training apparatus. During the conditioning phase, the tone was paired with an airpuff to the eye after the rats were injected with either saline or haloperidol. Although saline-injected rats with hippocampal lesions did not show latent inhibition, the phenomenon was reinstated in rats that received haloperidol injections. A possible locus of the interaction between hippocampal lesions and haloperidol is the nucleus accumbens. The reported data are well described by a neural network model of classical conditioning. This study contributes to the understanding of the neurophysiology of latent inhibition as well as the neuropsychological bases of schizophrenia.

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