Head Direction, Place, and Movement Correlates for Cells in the Rat Retrosplenial Cortex
Sex Differences, Context Preexposure, and the Immediate Shock Deficit in Pavlovian Context Conditioning With Mice
An fMRI Study of Personality Influences on Brain Reactivity to Emotional Stimuli
Conditional Discriminations Based on External and Internal Cues in Rats With Cytotoxic Hippocampal Lesions
Effects of Neonatal RU486 on Adult Sexual, Parental, and Fearful Behaviors in Rats
Comparison of the Effects of Infant Handling, Isolation, and Nonhandling on Acoustic Startle, Prepulse Inhibition, Locomotion, and HPA Activity in the Adult Rat
Conditioned Flavor Preference and Aversion : Role of the Lateral Hypothalamus
The Effect of Excitotoxic Lesions Centered on the Hippocampus or Perirhinal Cortex in Object Recognition and Spatial Memory Tasks
Excitotoxic Lesions of the Pre- and Parasubiculum Disrupt Object Recognition and Spatial Memory Processes
Extracellular Serotonin Is Enhanced in the Striatum, but Not in the Dorsal Hippocampus or Prefrontal Cortex, in Rats Subjected to an Operant Conflict Procedure
Critical Periods for the Effects of Alcohol Exposure on Learning in Rats
Attenuation of Ethanol-Induced Conditioned Taste Aversion in Mice Sensitized to the Locomotor Stimulant Effects of Ethanol
Recovery of Associative Function Following Early Amygdala Lesions in Rats
Differential Sensitivity to the Wake-Promoting Actions of Norepinephrine Within the Medial Preoptic Area and the Substantia Innominata
The Contribution of Adrenal and Reproductive Hormones to the Opposing Effects of Stress on Trace Conditioning in Males Versus Females
Dissociation of Licking and Volume Intake Controls in Rats Ingesting Glucose and Maltodextrin
Adult Sex Differences on a Decision-Making Task Previously Shown to Depend on the Orbital Prefrontal Cortex
Conditioned Activity to Amphetamine in Transgenic Mice Expressing an Antisense RNA Against the Glucocorticoid Receptor
A Two-Platform Task Reveals a Deficit in the Ability of Rats to Return to the Start Location in the Water Maze
Spatial Reference Memory and Neocortical Neurochemistry Vary With the Estrous Cycle in C57BL/6 Mice
A Single Administration of Testosterone Induces Cardiac Accelerative Responses to Angry Faces in Healthy Young Women
Cannabinoid Modulation of Time Estimation in the Rat