Differential Effects of Nicotine and Complex Housing on Subsequent Experience-Dependent Structural Plasticity in the Nucleus Accumbens
c-Fos After Incentive Shifts
Mapping Conditioned Taste Aversion Associations Using c-Fos Reveals a Dynamic Role for Insular Cortex
Involvement of Ventral Pallidum in Prefrontal Cortex-Dependent Aspects of Spatial Working Memory
Lesions of Specific and Nonspecific Thalamic Nuclei Affect Prefrontal Cortex-Dependent Aspects of Spatial Working Memory
Systemic and Prefrontal Cortical NMDA Receptor Blockade Differentially Affect Discrimination Learning and Set-Shift Ability in Rats
Neural Substrates of Coping Behavior in the Rat
Selective Effects of the δ-Opioid Receptor Agonist DPDPE on Consummatory Successive Negative Contrast
(±)3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, d-Amphetamine, and Cocaine Impair Delayed Matching-to-Sample Performance by an Increase in Susceptibility to Proactive Interference
Locomotor Activity Predicts Acquisition of Self-Administration Behavior but Not Cocaine Intake
Noradrenergic System Interacts With Genital Reflexes Induced by Cocaine in Paradoxical Sleep-Deprived Male Rats
Dopamine and Cognitive Control
Contingent Negative Variation in the Parasylvian Cortex Increases During Expectancy of Painful Sensorimotor Events
Expectancy of Pain Is Influenced by Motor Preparation
Inverted-∪ Function Between Salivary Cortisol and Retrieval of Verbal Memory After Hydrocortisone Treatment
Mild Topographical Memory Impairment Following Crossed Unilateral Lesions of the Mediodorsal Thalamic Nucleus and the Inferotemporal Cortex
Long-Term Storage of an Associative Memory Trace in the Cerebellum
Instrumental Learning Within the Rat Spinal Cord
NMDA Antagonist MK-801 Does Not Interfere With the Use of Spatial Representation in a Familiar Environment
Dissociable Effects of Lesions to the Perirhinal Cortex and the Postrhinal Cortex on Memory for Context and Objects in Rats
Place Versus Response Learning Revisited
Dietary Soy Supplements Produce Opposite Effects on Anxiety in Intact Male and Female Rats in the Elevated Plus-Maze
Rolipram Attenuates MK-801-Induced Deficits in Latent Inhibition
Thermal and Nutritional Modulation of Sleep in Infant Rats
Modification of Odor Investigation and Discrimination in Female Opossums (Monodelphis domestica) Following the Ablation of the Accessory Olfactory Bulbs
Disturbance of Motor Imagery After Cerebellar Stroke