Impact of Continuous Versus Intermittent CS–UCS Pairing on Human Brain Activation During Pavlovian Fear Conditioning
Neuroticism and Brain Responses to Anticipatory Fear
Heroin Impairs Map–Picture-Following and Memory Tasks Dependent on Gender and Orientation of the Tasks
Screening for ENU-Induced Mutations in Mice That Result in Aberrant Ethanol-Related Phenotypes
Single Enrichment Variables Differentially Reduce Age-Related Memory Decline in Female Mice
Melatonin Acts at the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus to Attenuate Behavioral Symptoms of Infection
The Effect of Rat Anterior Cingulate Inactivation on Cognitive Flexibility
Amygdala Inactivation Reverses Fear's Ability to Impair Divided Attention and Make Time Stand Still
The Role of Dorsal Hippocampus and Basolateral Amygdala NMDA Receptors in the Acquisition and Retrieval of Context and Contextual Fear Memories
Different Temporal Profiles of Amnesia After Intra-hippocampus and Intra-Amygdala Infusions of Anisomycin
Dissociations of the Medial and Lateral Perforant Path Projections Into Dorsal DG, CA3, and CA1 for Spatial and Nonspatial (Visual Object) Information Processing
Changes in Goal Selection Induced by Cue Conflicts Are in Register With Predictions From Changes in Place Cell Field Locations
Temperature and Activity Responses to Sucrose Concentration Reductions Occur on the 1st but Not the 2nd Day of Concentration Shifts, and Are Blocked by Low, Constant Glucocorticoids
Amiloride-Insensitive Units of the Chorda Tympani Nerve Are Necessary for Normal Ammonium Chloride Detectability in the Rat
Microsaccadic Response to Visual Events That Are Invisible to the Superior Colliculus
Detection Versus Perception
Time-Specific Extinction and Recovery of the Rabbit's (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Conditioned Nictitating Membrane Response Using Mixed Interstimulus Intervals