Conditioning-Specific Reflex Modification of the Rabbit's Nictitating Membrane Response and Heart Rate
Re-examination of Amphetamine-Induced Conditioned Suppression of Tastant Intake in Rats
The CA3 Subregion of the Hippocampus Is Critical for Episodic Memory Processing by Means of Relational Encoding in Rats
Combined Blockade of Serotonergic and Muscarinic Transmission Disrupts the Anterior Thalamic Head Direction Signal
Enhancing Brain Adenosine Signaling With the Nucleoside Transport Blocker NBTI (S-(4-Nitrobenzyl)-6-Theoinosine) Mimics the Effects of Inescapable Shock on Later Shuttle-Escape Performance in Rats
Steady-State Methadone Effect on Generalized Arousal in Male and Female Mice
Exposure to Elevated Levels of Dietary Fat Attenuates Psychostimulant Reward and Mesolimbic Dopamine Turnover in the Rat
Voluntary Exercise Influences Behavioral Development in Rats Exposed to Alcohol During the Neonatal Brain Growth Spurt
Age-Dependent Sparing of Visual Function After Bilateral Lesions of Primary Visual Cortex
Associative Structure of Fear Memory After Basolateral Amygdala Lesions in Rats
The Role of GABA and Anxiety in the Reconsolidation of Conditioned Fear
Bilateral Nature of the Conditioned Eyeblink Response in the Rabbit
Differential Effects of Training Intertrial Interval on Acquisition of Trace and Long-Delay Fear Conditioning in Rats
Aging in Rhesus Macaques Is Associated With Changes in Novelty Preference and Altered Saccade Dynamics
Correlations Between Hand Preference and Cortical Thickness in the Secondary Somatosensory (SII) Cortex of the Common Marmoset, Callithrix jacchus
Anticipatory Stress Influences Decision Making Under Explicit Risk Conditions
Reaching Beyond Arm Length in Normal Aging
Reversal of Sensorimotor Gating Abnormalities in Fmr1 Knockout Mice Carrying a Human FMR1 Transgene
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Arbitrary Associations in Animals