Sleep Selectively Enhances Hippocampus-Dependent Memory in Mice
Impaired Timing Precision Produced by Striatal D2 Receptor Overexpression Is Mediated by Cognitive and Motivational Deficits
Motherhood and Nursing Stimulate c-FOS Expression in the Rabbit Forebrain
Temporary Inactivation of Ventral Tegmental Area Neurons With Either Muscimol or Baclofen Reversibly Disrupts Maternal Behavior in Rats Through Different Underlying Mechanisms
Lesions of the Medial Preoptic Area Interfere With the Display of a Conditioned Place Preference for Vaginocervical Stimulation in Rats
Medial Amygdala Involvement in Discrimination of Same-Species and Closely-Related-Species Male Stimuli in Estrous Female Mesocricetus Hamsters
Boosting Cholinergic Activity in Gustatory Cortex Enhances the Salience of a Familiar Conditioned Stimulus in Taste Aversion Learning
General and Persistent Effects of High-Intensity Sweeteners on Body Weight Gain and Caloric Compensation in Rats
Behavioral Characterization of Amygdala Involvement in Mediating Intra-Accumbens Opioid-Driven Feeding Behavior
Trait Impulsivity Predicts Escalation of Sucrose Seeking and Hypersensitivity to Sucrose-Associated Stimuli
Role of Acetylcholine in Negative Patterning in Turtles (Chrysemys picta)
Insular Cortex and Consummatory Successive Negative Contrast in the Rat
Visual Asymmetries in Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica) Retain a Lifelong Potential for Plasticity
Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta) Hear Rising Frequency Sounds as Looming
Dopaminergic Modulation of Olfactory Bulb Processing Affects Odor Discrimination Learning in Rats
Delayed Extinction Attenuates Conditioned Fear Renewal and Spontaneous Recovery in Humans
Protein Kinase Mzeta Maintains Fear Memory in the Amygdala but Not in the Hippocampus
Interpreting Patterns of Brain Activation in Human Fear Conditioning With an Attentional-Associative Learning Model
Eyeblink Conditioning Leads to Fewer Synapses in the Rabbit Cerebellar Cortex
Individual Differences in Skilled Reaching for Food Related to Increased Number of Gestures : Evidence for Goal and Habit Learning of Skilled Reaching
The Rat Prelimbic Cortex Mediates Inhibitory Response Control But Not the Consolidation of Instrumental Learning
Prenatal Psychosocial Stress Exposure Is Associated With Subsequent Working Memory Performance in Young Women
Sensory Gating Impairments in Heavy Cannabis Users Are Associated With Altered Neural Oscillations
Running and Addiction : Precipitated Withdrawal in a Rat Model of Activity-Based Anorexia
Yoked Delivery of Cocaine Is Aversive and Protects Against the Motivation for Drug in Rats
Appetitive Motivational Experience During Adolescence Results in Enhanced Alcohol Consumption During Adulthood