Rapid Cellular Genesis and Apoptosis : Effects of Exercise in the Adult Rat
mGluR5 Positive Allosteric Modulation Enhances Extinction Learning Following Cocaine Self-Administration
D-Cycloserine Enhances Memory Consolidation in the Plus-Maze Retest Paradigm
c-Fos, Arc, and Stargazin Expression in Rat Eyeblink Conditioning
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Strain-Specific Cognitive Deficits in Adult Mice Exposed to Early Life Stress
Correction to Teufel et al. (2010)
Timing in the Absence of Supraspinal Input III : Regularly Spaced Cutaneous Stimulation Prevents and Reverses the Spinal Learning Deficit Produced by Peripheral Inflammation
Effects of Reward Timing Information on Cue Associability Are Mediated by Amygdala Central Nucleus
A Heterogeneous Population Code for Elapsed Time in Rat Medial Agranular Cortex
Thermogenic and Vocalization Responses to Cold in the Chicken Hatchling During Normoxia and Hypoxia
Lesions of Basolateral and Central Amygdala Differentiate Conditioned Cue Preference Learning With and Without Unreinforced Preexposure
A Comparison of Adult and Adolescent Rat Behavior in Operant Learning, Extinction, and Behavioral Inhibition Paradigms