Introduction to the Special Section on “Hormones and Cognition
Estrogen Effects on the Brain
To Modulate and Be Modulated
Building a Better Hormone Therapy?
Endocrine Substrates of Cognitive and Affective Changes During Pregnancy and Postpartum
Hormones and Cognitive Functioning During Late Pregnancy and Postpartum
Early Androgen Effects on Spatial and Mechanical Abilities
Interplay of Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Sex Hormones in the Regulation of Social Recognition
Estradiol-Dependent Modulation of Serotonergic Markers in Auditory Areas of a Seasonally Breeding Songbird
Estrogen and Cognitive Functioning in Women
Long-Term Replacement of Estrogen in Combination With Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Improves Acquisition of an Alternation Task in Middle-Aged Female Rats
Once a Mother, Always a Mother
Chronic Stress and a Cyclic Regimen of Estradiol Administration Separately Facilitate Spatial Memory
Correction to Taylor et al. (2011)
The Relationship Between Cortisol, Salivary Alpha-Amylase, and Cognitive Bias in Young Women
Stress-Induced Cortisol Facilitates Threat-Related Decision Making Among Police Officers
Bisphenol-A Impairs Memory and Reduces Dendritic Spine Density in Adult Male Rats
An NMDA Antagonist in the MPOA Impairs Copulation and Stimulus Sensitization in Male Rats
Correction to Eilam-Stock et al. (2011)
Effects of Prior Light Exposure on Early Evening Performance, Subjective Sleepiness, and Hormonal Secretion
Event-Specific Enhancement of Memory via Brief Electrical Stimulation to the Basolateral Complex of the Amygdala in Rats
Effects of the Val(158)Met catechol-O-methyltransferase Gene Polymorphism on Olfactory Processing in Schizophrenia