Alterations of Attention and Emotional Processing Following Childhood-Onset Damage to the Prefrontal Cortex
Living in the Moment: Effects of Time Perspective and Emotional Valence of Episodic Thinking on Delay Discounting
Verbal Priming and Taste Sensitivity Make Moral Transgressions Gross
Few Juvenile Auditory Perceptual Skills Correlate With Adult Performance
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Inhibition, the Final Frontier: The Impact of Hippocampal Lesions on Behavioral Inhibition and Spatial Processing in Pigeons
Fos Expression in Monoaminergic Cell Groups in Response to Sociosexual Interactions in Male and Female Japanese Quail
The Formation and Maintenance of Social Relationships Increases Nonapeptide mRNA in Zebra Finches of Both Sexes
Members of Underrepresented Groups: Reviewers for Journal Manuscripts Wanted
Role of Amygdala Central Nucleus in the Potentiation of Consuming and Instrumental Lever-Pressing for Sucrose by Cues for the Presentation or Interruption of Sucrose Delivery in Rats
An Extinction Retrieval Cue Attenuates Renewal But Not Reacquisition of Alcohol Seeking
Selective Hippocampal Lesions Impair Acquisition of Appetitive Trace Conditioning With Long Intertrial and Long Trace Intervals