Fmr1 and Nlgn3 Knockout Rats: Novel Tools for Investigating Autism Spectrum Disorders
Vocalization Deficits in Mice Over-Expressing Alpha-Synuclein, a Model of Pre-Manifest Parkinson's Disease
Enhanced Performance of Aged Rats in Contingency Degradation and Instrumental Extinction Tasks
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Structural Brain Correlates of Delay of Gratification in the Elderly
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Expecting the Unexpected: The Effects of Deviance on Novelty Processing
The Impact of Anterior Thalamic Lesions on Active and Passive Spatial Learning in Stimulus Controlled Environments: Geometric Cues and Pattern Arrangement
Female Juvenile Play Elicits Fos Expression in Dopaminergic Neurons of the VTA
Impaired Trace Fear Conditioning and Diminished ERK1/2 Phosphorylation in the Dorsal Hippocampus of Adult Rats Administered Alcohol as Neonates
Opioid Receptors Regulate Blocking and Overexpectation of Fear Learning in Conditioned Suppression
Once Is Too Much: Conditioned Aversion Develops Immediately and Predicts Future Cocaine Self-Administration Behavior in Rats
Cue Configuration Effects in Acquisition and Extinction of a Cocaine-Induced Place Preference
Finding Motifs in Birdsong Data in the Presence of Acoustic Noise and Temporal Jitter