Stability and Flexibility of the Message Carried by Semiochemical Stimuli, as Revealed by Devaluation of Carbon Disulfide Followed by Social Transmission of Food Preference
Intake-Dependent Effects of Cocaine Self-Administration on Impulsive Choice in a Delay Discounting Task
Genetic Relationship Between Ethanol-Induced Conditioned Place Preference and Other Ethanol Phenotypes in 15 Inbred Mouse Strains
The NO/sGC/PKG Signaling Pathway in the NAc Shell Is Necessary for the Acquisition of Morphine-Induced Place Preference
Altered Exploration and Sensorimotor Gating of the Chakragati Mouse Model of Schizophrenia
Enhanced Extinction of Contextual Fear Conditioning in Clock Δ19 Mutant Mice
Effects of Postretrieval-Extinction Learning on Return of Contextually Controlled Cued Fear
Postlearning Stress Differentially Affects Memory for Emotional Gist and Detail in Naturally Cycling Women and Women on Hormonal Contraceptives
Mammilliothalamic Tract Lesions Disrupt Tests of Visuo-Spatial Memory
Contrasting Networks for Recognition Memory and Recency Memory Revealed by Immediate-Early Gene Imaging in the Rat
Amyloid-Beta Accumulation, Neurogenesis, Behavior, and the Age of Rats