Great Nature’s Second Course : Introduction to the Special Issue on the Behavioral Neuroscience of Sleep
Ventromedial Prefrontal Theta Activity During Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is Associated With Improved Decision-Making on the Iowa Gambling Task
The Impact of Napping on Memory for Future-Relevant Stimuli : Prioritization Among Multiple Salience Cues
Sleep Quality Influences Subsequent Motor Skill Acquisition
Sleep to the Beat : A Nap Favours Consolidation of Timing
Sleep Disturbance in Mild Cognitive Impairment Is Associated With Alterations in the Brain’s Default Mode Network
Determining the Relationship Between Sleep Architecture, Seizure Variables and Memory in Patients With Focal Epilepsy
Short-Term Total Sleep Deprivation Alters Delay-Conditioned Memory in the Rat
The Bidirectional Relation Between Emotional Reactivity and Sleep : From Disruption to Recovery
Sleep Quality and Depressive Symptoms After Prostate Cancer : The Mechanistic Role of Cortisol
Correction to Hupbach and Fieman (2012)