Introduction to the Special Section on New Ideas About Cerebellar Function
The Search for the Engram in Eyeblink Conditioning : A Synopsis of Past and Present Perspectives on the Role of the Cerebellum
Systematic Variation of Acquisition Rate in Delay Eyelid Conditioning
Intracerebellar Infusion of the Protein Kinase M zeta (PKMζ) Inhibitor Zeta-Inhibitory Peptide (ZIP) Disrupts Eyeblink Classical Conditioning
Cerebellar Activation During Motor Sequence Learning Is Associated With Subsequent Transfer to New Sequences
Cerebellar Response to Familiar and Novel Stimuli : An fMRI Study
Ventral Striatal Lesions Disrupt Dopamine Neuron Signaling of Differences in Cue Value Caused by Changes in Reward Timing but Not Number
Serotonin, Estrus, and Social Context Influence c-Fos Immunoreactivity in the Inferior Colliculus
Estradiol Is Associated With Altered Cognitive and Physiological Responses During Fear Conditioning and Extinction in Healthy and Spider Phobic Women
Participation of Progesterone Receptors in Facilitation and Sequential Inhibition of Lordosis Response Induced by Ring A-Reduced Progesterone Metabolites in Female Mice
Effects of Hydrocortisone on False Memory Recognition in Healthy Men and Women
Acknowledgment of Ad Hoc Reviewers