Special issue on stickleback behavior and evolution : Preface
George Barlow's impact on ethology
Inbreeding depression affects fertilization success and survival but not breeding coloration in threespine sticklebacks
Divergence of male courtship displays between sympatric forms of anadromous threespine stickleback
Lack of assortative mating between incipient species of stickleback from a hybrid zone
Benthic, limnetic and oceanic threespine stickleback : profiles of reproductive behaviour
11-ketotestosterone is not responsible for the entire testicular effect on male reproductive behaviour in the threespine stickleback
Chronic perchlorate exposure impairs stickleback reproductive behaviour and swimming performance
Assessing niche differences of sex, armour and asymmetry phenotypes using stable isotope analyses in Haida Gwaii sticklebacks
An overview of life-history variation in female threespine stickleback
Demography of the threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus, in the Afon Rheidol 1972–1998 : search for mechanisms, using simulation models
The stickleback-Schistocephalus host-parasite system as a model for understanding the effect of a macroparasite on host reproduction
Growth and energetics in the stickleback-Schistocephalus host-parasite system : a review of experimental infection studies
Allometric change accompanies opercular shape evolution in Alaskan threespine sticklebacks
Conservation of threespine and ninespine stickleback radiations in the Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska
Dispersal and sociality