Behavioral effects of arginine8-vasopressin in the Hebb–Williams maze
The influence of adenosine A3 receptor agonist: IB-MECA, on scopolamine- and MK-801-induced memory impairment
Agmatine induces anxiolysis in the elevated plus maze task in adult rats
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Effect of training on motor abilities of heterozygous staggerer mutant (Rora+/Rorasg) mice during aging
Yohimbine reverses the exhaustion of the coital reflex in spinal male rats
Unilateral hippocampal and inferotemporal cortex lesions in opposite hemispheres impair learning of single-pair visual discriminations as well as visuovisual conditional tasks in monkeys
22-kHz Ultrasonic vocalization in rats as an index of anxiety but not fear: behavioral and pharmacological modulation of affective state
Voles scale locomotion to the size of the open-field by adjusting the distance between stops: a possible link to path integration
Anticipation is differently expressed in rats ( Rattus norvegicus ) and domestic cats ( Felis silvestris catus ) in the same Pavlovian conditioning paradigm