Drinking decreases the noradrenaline release in the median preoptic area caused by hypovolemia in the rat
Effects of methylphenidate, desipramine, and l-dopa on attention and inhibition in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Rat behavior in two models of anxiety and brain [3H]muscimol binding: pharmacological, correlation, and multifactor analysis
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Serotonin synthesis inhibition in olivo-cerebellar system attenuates harmaline-induced tremor in Swiss albino mice
Vitamin A deficiency and relational memory deficit in adult mice: relationships with changes in brain retinoid signalling
Head-only exposure to GSM 900-MHz electromagnetic fields does not alter rat's memory in spatial and non-spatial tasks
Roles of the auditory midbrain and thalamus in selective phonotaxis in female gray treefrogs (Hyla versicolor)
Selective induction of c-Fos immunoreactivity in the prelimbic cortex during reinstatement of heroin seeking induced by acute food deprivation in rats
Generalisation of conditioned fear and its behavioural expression in mice
The nucleus accumbens shell is critical for normal expression of pup-retrieval in postpartum female rats
The magnitude and the extinction duration of the cocaine-induced conditioned locomotion-activated response are related to the number of cocaine injections paired with the testing context in C57BL/6J mice
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Long–Evans and Sprague–Dawley rats have similar skilled reaching success and limb representations in motor cortex but different movements: some cautionary insights into the selection of rat strains for neurobiological motor research
Erratum to “The dorsal raphe nucleus exerts opposed control on generalized anxiety and panic-related defensive responses in rats”