Human apoE targeted replacement mouse lines: h-apoE4 and h-apoE3 mice differ on spatial memory performance and avoidance behavior
Impaired memory and olfactory performance in NaSi-1 sulphate transporter deficient mice
Exercise, but not environmental enrichment, improves learning after kainic acid-induced hippocampal neurodegeneration in association with an increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor
‘Looping’—an exploration mechanism in a dark open field
Relative levels of motivation and asymmetries of viewing and detour task in guppies (Poecilia reticulata)
Callosal agenesis affects consistency of laterality in a paw preference task in BALB/cCF mice
Inhibitors of carbohydrate metabolism reduce undirected song production at doses that do not alter food intake in singly housed male zebra finches
The gradient of luminosity between open/enclosed arms, and not the absolute level of Lux, predicts the behaviour of rats in the plus maze
Corticosterone treatment of the chick embryo affects light-stimulated development of the thalamofugal visual pathway
Anxiolytic and anxiogenic effects of kindling—role of baseline anxiety and anatomical location of the kindling electrode in response to kindling of the right and left basolateral amygdala
Nociceptor and age specific effects of REM sleep deprivation induced hyperalgesia
Selective interaction of nitric oxide synthase inhibition with phencyclidine: behavioural and NMDA receptor binding studies in the rat
Noradrenaline involvement in the memory-enhancing effects of exposure to a complex rhythm stimulus following discriminated passive avoidance training in the young chick
Altered mesoaccumbens and nigro-striatal dopamine physiology is associated with stereotypy development in a non-rodent species
Acute third ventricular administration of leptin decreases protein and fat in self-selecting rats
Procedural memory in Korsakoff's disease under different movement feedback conditions
Timing of conditioned responding in a nicotine locomotor conditioning preparation: manipulations of the temporal arrangement between context cues and drug administration
Effects of intraperitoneal lipopolysaccharide on Morris maze performance in year-old and 2-month-old female C57BL/6J mice
Comparison of 6-hydroxydopamine-induced medial forebrain bundle and nigrostriatal terminal lesions in a lateralised nose-poking task in rats
Systemic administration of MK-801, a non-competitive NMDA-receptor antagonist, elicits a behavioural deficit of rats in the Active Allothetic Place Avoidance (AAPA) task irrespectively of their intact spatial pretraining