Intraventricular injections of tachykinin NK3 receptor agonists suppress the intake of “salty” tastes by sodium deficient rats
Behavioral characteristics of WAG/Rij rats susceptible and non-susceptible to audiogenic seizures
Strain-dependent behavioral alterations induced by peripheral interleukin-1 challenge in neonatal mice
Impaired response to amphetamine and neuronal degeneration in the nucleus accumbens of autoimmune MRL-lpr mice
Memory-dependent novelty-related location preferences: Sex-related attenuation of forgetting by d-glucose and tacrine
Local advantage in the visual processing of hierarchical stimuli following manipulations of stimulus size and element numerosity in monkeys ( Cebus apella )
Movement-related correlates of single cell activity in the interpeduncular nucleus and habenula of the rat during a pellet-chasing task
Alterations in glutathione levels of brain structures caused by acute restraint stress and by nitric oxide synthase inhibition but not by intraspecific agonistic interaction
Prepulse inhibition is different in two inbred mouse strains (CPB-K and BALB/cJ) with different hippocampal NMDA receptor densities
The CRH1 antagonist CP154,526 failed to alter ischemia-induced neurodegeneration and spatial memory deficits in rats but inhibited behavioral activity in the novel open field
Differential effects of ovarian steroids on anxiety versus fear as measured by open field test and fear-potentiated startle
The effect of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol on sensorimotor gating in socially isolated rats
Estradiol rapidly activates male sexual behavior and affects brain monoamine levels in the quail brain
Prolonged prenatal exposure to low-level ozone affects aggressive behaviour as well as NGF and BDNF levels in the central nervous system of CD-1 mice
Implication of 5-HT2A subtype receptors in DOI activity in the four-plates test–retest paradigm in mice
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Are the effects of the antidepressants amitriptyline, maprotiline, and fluoxetine on inhibitory avoidance state-dependent?
Aging, peripheral nerve injury and nociception: Effects of the antioxidant 16-desmethyltirilazad
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Effects of intracerebroventricular administration of ultra low doses of histaminergic drugs on morphine state-dependent memory of passive avoidance in mice