Localized lesions of ventral striatum, but not arcopallium, enhanced impulsiveness in choices based on anticipated spatial proximity of food rewards in domestic chicks
Influence of reactivity to novelty and anxiety on hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal and prolactin responses to two different novel environments in adult male rats
Call type-specific differences in vocalization-related afferents to the periaqueductal gray of squirrel monkeys ( Saimiri sciureus )
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C-section birth per se or followed by acute global asphyxia altered emotional behaviour in neonate and adult rats
Amphetamine-induced 50 kHz calls from rat nucleus accumbens: A quantitative mapping study and acoustic analysis
Differential involvement of 5-HT projections within the amygdala in prepulse inhibition but not in psychotomimetic drug-induced hyperlocomotion
Inhibition of neprilysin by thiorphan (i.c.v.) causes an accumulation of amyloid β and impairment of learning and memory
Anxiety and cognition in female histidine decarboxylase knockout ( Hdc −/−) mice
The Concentric Square Field: A multivariate test arena for analysis of explorative strategies
Excision of visual cortex does not affect the facilitatory and inhibitory effects of a light flash prepulse on the acoustic startle reflex in the rat
Contribution of dihydro-beta-erythroidine sensitive nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the ventral tegmental area to cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization in rats
Evaluation of two genetic animal models in behavioral tests of anxiety and depression
Relapse of methamphetamine-seeking behavior in C57BL/6J mice demonstrated by a reinstatement procedure involving intravenous self-administration
Spontaneous alternation behaviour in rats: Kynurenic acid attenuated deficits induced by MK-801
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