Courtship and copulation in the adult male green anole: Effects of season, hormone and female contact on reproductive behavior and morphology
Acute treatment with the 5-HT1A receptor agonist 8-OH-DPAT and chronic environmental enrichment confer neurobehavioral benefit after experimental brain trauma
Sequential bilateral striatal lesions have additive effects on single skilled limb use in rats
Differential susceptibility following β-amyloid peptide-(1–40) administration in C57BL/6 and Swiss albino mice: Evidence for a dissociation between cognitive deficits and the glutathione system response
Anxiolytic-like effect of 5-HT2 ligands and benzodiazepines co-administration: Comparison of two animal models of anxiety (the four-plate test and the elevated plus maze)
Facilitatory effect of the intra-hippocampal pre-test administration of MT3 in the inhibitory avoidance task
Adaptation of a ladder beam walking task to assess locomotor recovery in mice following spinal cord injury
Reinstatement of conditioned fear and the hippocampus: An attentional-associative model
Simultaneous assessment of autonomic function and anxiety-related behavior in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice
Transient drug-primed but persistent cue-induced reinstatement of extinguished methamphetamine-seeking behavior in mice
Rats with persistently low or high exploratory activity: Behaviour in tests of anxiety and depression, and extracellular levels of dopamine
Lithium improves the behavioral disorder in rats subjected to transient global cerebral ischemia
Effects of genetic background and environmental novelty on wheel running as a rewarding behaviour in mice
Abnormalities in skilled reaching movements are improved by peripheral anesthetization of the less-affected forelimb after sensorimotor cortical infarcts in rats
Impaired spatial working memory and altered choline acetyltransferase (CHAT) immunoreactivity and nicotinic receptor binding in rats exposed to intermittent hypoxia during sleep
Preventive effect of kami-untan-to on performance in the forced swimming test in thiamine-deficient mice: Relationship to functions of catecholaminergic neurons
The reach-to-grasp-food task for rats: A rare case of modularity in animal behavior?
Adrenalectomy prevents behavioural sensitisation of mice to cocaine in a genotype-dependent manner
Compulsive-like effects of quinpirole on drinking behavior in rats are inhibited by substituting ethanol for water
Acute cognitive impairment after lateral fluid percussion brain injury recovers by 1 month: Evaluation by conditioned fear response
Inhibition of lesion-induced neurogenesis impaired behavioral recovery in adult ring doves
Deficient prepulse inhibition induced by selective breeding of rats can be restored by the dopamine D2 antagonist haloperidol
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