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Response properties of avian hippocampal formation cells in an environment with unstable goal locations
Anxiety-like behaviour in adult rats perinatally exposed to maternal calorie restriction
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A necessary role for GluR1 serine 831 phosphorylation in appetitive incentive learning
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MGlu5 antagonism impairs exploration and memory of spatial and non-spatial stimuli in rats
Long-term prevention of Alzheimer's disease-like behavioral deficits in PDAPP mice carrying a mutation in Asp664
Increased locomotor activity in mice lacking the low-density lipoprotein receptor
Injection of CART (cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript) peptide into the nucleus accumbens reduces cocaine self-administration in rats
Effect of disconnecting the orbital prefrontal cortex from the nucleus accumbens core on inter-temporal choice behaviour: A quantitative analysis
Novelty-induced behavioral traits correlate with numbers of brainstem noradrenergic neurons and septal cholinergic neurons in C57BL/6J mice
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Phencyclidine-induced locomotor hyperactivity is enhanced in mice after stereotaxic brain serotonin depletion