Computation in spinal circuitry
Cellular prion protein modulates defensive attention and innate fear-induced behaviour evoked in transgenic mice submitted to an agonistic encounter with the tropical coral snake Oxyrhopus guibei
Lipopolysaccharide-induced immune activation impairs attention but has little effect on short-term working memory
Differential responses to morphine-induced analgesia in the tail-flick test
A novel adenosine A1 and A2A receptor antagonist ASP5854 ameliorates motor impairment in MPTP-treated marmosets
Non-linear quantitative electroencephalographic (qEEG) changes during processing of chemo-sensory stimulations
A role of nitric oxide mechanism involved in the protective effects of venlafaxine in sleep deprivation
Post-training progesterone dose-dependently enhances object, but not spatial, memory consolidation
Interplay between glutamate and serotonin within the dorsal periaqueductal gray modulates anxiety-related behavior of rats exposed to the elevated plus-maze
The partial reinforcement extinction effect (PREE) in female Roman high- (RHA-I) and low-avoidance (RLA-I) rats
Memory is differently impaired during aging according to the learning tasks in the rat
Lesions of the entorhinal cortex or fornix disrupt the context-dependence of fear extinction in rats
Bilateral impairments of skilled reach-to-eat in early Parkinson's disease patients presenting with unilateral or asymmetrical symptoms
Subcortical contributions to multitasking and response inhibition
Stimulation of dopamine D1 receptors in the avian fronto-striatal system adjusts daily cognitive fluctuations
Disturbances in social interaction occur along with pathophysiological deficits following sub-chronic phencyclidine administration in the rat
The combination of human neuronal serotonergic cell implants and environmental enrichment after contusive SCI improves motor recovery over each individual strategy
Dynamic visual information plays a critical role for spatial navigation in water but not on solid ground