Preface Special issue on the role of the basal ganglia in learning and memory
Some highlights of research on the effects of caudate nucleus lesions over the past 200 years
Exhumed from thought: Basal ganglia and response learning in the plus-maze
Basal ganglia contributions to adaptive navigation
The integrative function of the basal ganglia in instrumental conditioning ☆
The role of the basal ganglia in learning and memory: Neuropsychological studies
Contributions of the basal ganglia and functionally related brain structures to motor learning
Rodent models of serial reaction time tasks and their implementation in neurobiological research
Parallel and interactive learning processes within the basal ganglia: Relevance for the understanding of addiction
Skill-memory consolidation in the striatum: Critical for late but not early long-term memory and stabilized by cocaine
Short-term and long-term plasticity at corticostriatal synapses: Implications for learning and memory
Synaptic plasticity in the basal ganglia
Stimulus–response and response–outcome learning mechanisms in the striatum
Neurocomputational models of basal ganglia function in learning, memory and choice ☆
Learning processing in the basal ganglia: A mosaic of broken mirrors