Behavioral phenotyping of Neuropeptide S receptor knockout mice
Dual-task interference: Attentional and neurophysiological influences
Effects of stress, corticosterone, and epinephrine administration on learning in place and response tasks
Developmental effects on dopamine projections and hippocampal cell proliferation in the rodent model of postweaning social and physical deprivation can be triggered by brief changes of environmental context
Differential expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway in the hippocampus of rats exposed to chronic unpredictable stress
Understanding behavioral and physiological phenotypes of stress and anxiety in zebrafish
Effects of electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve on the development of visual habituation in the cat
Obese reversal by a chronic energy restricted diet leaves an increased Arc NPY/AgRP, but no alteration in POMC/CART, mRNA expression in diet-induced obese mice
Medial prefrontal administration of MK-801 impairs T-maze discrimination reversal learning in weanling rats
Predictable stress versus unpredictable stress: A comparison in a rodent model of stroke
Experimental manipulations blunt time-induced changes in brain monoamine levels and completely reverse stress, but not Pb+/−stress-related modifications to these trajectories
Age differences in visual path integration
Early postnatal depletion of NMDA receptor development affects behaviour and NMDA receptor expression until later adulthood in rats—A possible model for schizophrenia
Fentanyl, but not haloperidol, entrains persisting circadian activity episodes when administered at 24- and 31-h intervals
Effects of unilateral amygdala dopamine depletion on behaviour in the elevated plus maze: Role of sex, hemisphere and retesting
Impaired sociability and cognitive function in Nrcam -null mice
The effects of foraging role and genotype on light and sucrose responsiveness in honey bees ( Apis mellifera L.)
Social features of scent-donor mice modulate scent marking of C57BL/6J recipient males
Amygdalar GABAergic-rich neural grafts attenuate anxiety-like behavior in rats
Neonatal oxytocin alters subsequent estrogen receptor alpha protein expression and estrogen sensitivity in the female rat
Pharmacological effects of ethanol on ingestive behavior of the preweanling rat
Increased numbers of motor activity peaks during light cycle are associated with reductions in adrenergic α2-receptor levels in a transgenic Huntington's disease rat model
Role of amygdala dopamine D1 and D2 receptors in the acquisition and expression of fructose-conditioned flavor preferences in rats
Chronic prenatal caffeine exposure impairs novel object recognition and radial arm maze behaviors in adult rats
Effects of antalarmin and nadolol on the relationship between social stress and pulmonary metastasis development in male OF1 mice
Fornix transected macaques make fewer perseverative errors than controls during the early stages of learning conditional visuospatial discriminations
Electro-acupuncture stimulation improves motor disorders in Parkinsonian rats
Different subregions of the medial preoptic area are separately involved in the regulation of copulation and sexual incentive motivation in male rats: A behavioral and morphological study
Perseveration related to frontal lesion in mice using the olfactory H-maze
Effect of the cytochrome P450 19 (aromatase) gene polymorphism on personality traits in healthy subjects
The changing role of the medial preoptic area in the regulation of maternal behavior across the postpartum period: Facilitation followed by inhibition
Lower risk taking and exploratory behavior in alcohol-preferring sP rats than in alcohol non-preferring sNP rats in the multivariate concentric square field™ (MCSF) test
Effects of chronic intracerebroventricular 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine (MDMA) or fluoxetine on the active avoidance test in rats with or without exposure to mild chronic stress
Impairment of synaptic plasticity and memory formation in GLP-1 receptor KO mice: Interaction between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease
In sexually naive anestrous ewes, male odour is unable to induce a complete activation of olfactory systems
Prefrontal function associated with impaired emotion recognition in patients with multiple sclerosis
Effect of early malnutrition and environmental stimulation in the performance of rats in the elevated plus maze
Stress-dependent enhancement and impairment of retention by naloxone: Evidence for an endogenous opioid-based modulatory system protective of memory
Neonatal ventral hippocampal lesions disrupt set-shifting ability in adult rats
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Working and reference memory of pigs in the spatial holeboard discrimination task
Positive reinforcing effects of substance P in the rat central nucleus of amygdala
Neuropeptide SF is associated with reduced food intake in chicks
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Chain reactions: Early-life stress alters the metabolic profile of plasma polyunsaturated fatty acids in adulthood
Slope-based encoding of a goal location is unaffected by hippocampal lesions in homing pigeons ( Columba livia )