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Combined effect of neonatal immune activation and mutant DISC1 on phenotypic changes in adulthood
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Interleukin-18 regulates motor activity, anxiety and spatial learning without affecting synaptic plasticity
Behavioral validation of the Ts65Dn mouse model for Down syndrome of a genetic background free of the retinal degeneration mutation Pde6brd1
Reduction of gray matter density in the extrastriate body area in women with anorexia nervosa
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Age-related behavioural phenotype and cellular characterisation of mice with progressive ablation of D1 dopamine receptor-expressing cells
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Population level “flipperedness” in the eastern Pacific leatherback turtle
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Effects of maternal hyperleptinaemia during lactation on short-term memory/learning, anxiety-like and novelty-seeking behavioral traits of adult male rats
DCP-LA neutralizes mutant amyloid β peptide-induced impairment of long-term potentiation and spatial learning